my neighbors went away for the week and left their 19 year old son alone and everynight he has thrown a party with loud people. so i have work in the morning and want to sleep but probably wont be able to because of the noise...should i call the cops after 11 and file a noise complaint or just let him party and piss me off
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If it's getting in the way of your life, definitely call the cops. There's a reason why they have the no-noise-after-x-time rule.
Do you otherwise get on with your neighbours?

If so, just leave him to be a dick and speak to them about it when they get home.

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Talk to him about it first, you don't wanna be the douchey neighbour who calls the police without warning.
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Have a bigger louder party and make him call the cops. Then throw everybody out before they get there and laugh when he gets busted.
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If you already know he'll be a dick about it, just call the police. If he's normally a chill guy, just talk to him about it.
Why not join the party? I know you have work in the morning but real troopers go to work hung as f*ck. You know it makes sense.
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Why would you call the cops without first asking him politely to keep the noise down?
or have a bigger and louder party like that dude above me said BUT invite the cops to come so when the neighbor goes to call the cops...........the cops are already there but.........they're partying with you.
Get a cop uniform.

and a bloody hockey mask

..and a machete

I think you know where I'm going with this.
why not go over there and just crash the party i mean whats he gonna do kick you out oowww now u just have to jump the fence again or use it as black mail(thats the american way)
Talk to him about it first. You don't want to be the douchy neighbor who calls the cops without warning do you?
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Show up with a hockey mask and a chainsaw and tell him to quiet down...

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Get a cop uniform.

and a bloody hockey mask

..and a machete

I think you know where I'm going with this.

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Tell them nicely to quiet it down, but if they dont, call the cops

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Play your guitar as loud as you can. If you suck, it'll piss them off and they'll leave. If you're good, you'll probably get some hot drunk chicks.
Knock on the door and demand a bottle of alco in exchange for you not calling the cops.

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Definitely grow a pair and talk to him before you just call the cops. Cops are for bitches and should be reserved for last resort type shit.

EDIT: Also, you should be over there drinking too. Did he beat you up or something?
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join him x_x

you are still young right? it wont last forever! enjoy it when your vitality is at its peak.

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i just thought of one. if ur older.....go buy an M1 garand and walk over to his house like Walt from gran torino and tell the damn zipperheads* to keep it down.

*ampoverload is not responsible for anyone who is hypersensitive and gets offended by the term zipperhead in this post lol
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Have a bigger louder party and make him call the cops. Then throw everybody out before they get there and laugh when he gets busted.

better yet, invite the cops to your party, TS. then nobody can call the cops on you.
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