My little brothers friend left a nice mic at my house so i went to town . mac makes it quite easy to record things. any way, the song is call 33 knows... hope you like it


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just got to about a minute in, cool building up so far. i enjoyed the acoustic chords in the beginning. the progression has a really original feel to it. the distortion lead guitar is going now and some of the clarity in tone that was there before is now lost but so far everything has occured in a natural progression. snare drum might be a little overbearing, i went from thinking cool drum beat to ok now i cant not hear it. solid playing, im not hearing any mistakes or anything like that with all this soloing going on. 4:50, shift back to more of the intro feel. im glad a shift happened but i think it was a little too abrupt. i was feeling it coming on and decided that if it hadnt came by 5:00 i was going to start typing that the soloing went on to long and then poof it just stopped so perhaps a smoother transition there. is that piano of some sort im hearing at 6:20? whatever it is i like it. i definitely think the drums are too high in the mix now, the guitar starts to get lost there. back out to the acoustic for the ending, very nice. structurally i think most of it is in good shape except that one transition, soundwise i think it might be a little noisy when the distortion guitar is going but its not too bad, and overall i think its a well put together piece. starts off slow and relaxing, brings you up, lets you back down easy. thanks for sharing and thanks for checking mine out