So I've been looking for a lower power amp recently...my Fender HRD is too loud for me to use at home (the missus does not approve), and even when I gig (I play in a local circuit cover band), the HRD was overpowered...the master volume in our biggest room was set at 5, and the smaller rooms at 1 or 2.

I decided that I could give up the 2 channels, and I wanted something in the 15 to 25 watt area. I was looking at the Egnater Rebel heads, the Vox Night Train, and the Mesa TA-15. While the Mesa was my favorite, I knew that $900 for just the head wasn't going to do it for me. I started looking at the local classifieds and among the various forums I frequent, and thought that I was going to end up with an Egnater of some sort... (I had played all of the above amps thoroughly, and was thorough undecided). I had been in talks with a couple of folks about the Rebel 20, and was ready to bite the bullet and do it.

Today, I was driving around with the drummer of my band, checking in with the local venues trying to stir up so more gigs, and we happened to stop at a local guitar shop. In there, with a "special" sign on it, was the Vox Night Train for $499. It had the Vox 1x12 cab underneath...when I asked the sales person how much they wanted for the cab, they told me it came with the amp for the same price. This made the combo about $200 less than what I could get it for anywhere else.

At about 5 this afternoon, I sold my HRD. At about 5:20, I was loading this into my car:

I love this thing...the Pentode/Triode switch moves between 15 and 7.5 watts...I can get the thing cranked at 7.5 watts inside my house and still be able to keep my wife happy. The 15 watts will be big enough for all but our largest gigs, and we have open mixer space for me to mic it anyways.

Perhaps the biggest selling point for me is the Bright/Thick switch though. With the bright switch, you get the 3 band eq, and the Vox AC15ish chimey goodness. Great cleans. I already figured out that I like the gain just at the point of breakup, and this will cover all of the "clean" tones I need for my band.

For the times I need something a little crunchy, I flip the switch over to thick. It takes away the EQ and kicks the gain up. Nice overdriven tube sounds -- it's almost like having a channel switch. This will take care of most of my needs for the band.

Those are my initial thoughts for today...I will play with it tomorrow with my Boss ME-70, and see how things translate. I'm heavily considering getting individual effects now that I know what I use, but we'll see how that goes.

I may also get some clips recorded for you sound hounds...I'll try to talk to my band mate who takes care of our recording to get some.

Finally, guitar and amp pic: (the guitar is a MIM Fender Deluxe Player's strat with a pearl pickguard and a Warmoth maple/pau ferro 59' back contour in a satin finish...my big hands much prefer it to the standard strat neck)

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Nice amp man! HNAD!
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HNGD. You got a pretty good deal on it.

After reading the title, I could have sworn it would be one of those 200w lunchbox amps. I forgot which brand makes them but they are small and powerful.

I like your amp better than the lunchbox. But are you sure you can gig with that without a mic?
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The spaces around here are small...the people who gig around here with half stacks get laughed at for the most part (not to mention they are told to turn down by the club owners...).

Really, it's best practice to mic the amp anyways. The Yamaha C115Vs we use as mains will disperse the sound better through the room than my amp will, and makes mixing the band as a whole a lot easier. The other guitarist in my band has played the Main Stage at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT (about a 1200 person room I think...) with a Fender Blues Jr...mic'ed with a SM57.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.

Nice Deluxe Players. I had one of those a little while ago. Cool guitars!

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i love the look of those vox night trains. how does the thick mode sound to you? just like EQ on 12 o'clock? or does it have little more bass or mids? i think the lack of EQ for the distorted sound might fail on me.
I love those!! Killer little amps HNAD!!!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow