Hello everyone...

I'm about to start recording some stuff I wrote, mostly metal w/ distortion guitars etc but have some acoustic parts to do as well. My question is is there a good plugin I can get which can make a DI electric guitar signal sound like an acoustic? Been searching around and not found that much. I'll be using Sonar to produce if that is relevant.
If there aren't any good ones, I could borrow my housemate's acoustic guitar (not sure if it's particularly good or not though) and record that with a mic. I only have a SM57 though which I hear is no good for recording acoustics, so would have get a condenser mic or whatever is required for the job. I can afford to buy one so that's not a huge problem as such, but it would be simpler if there was a VST plugin which could do the job.

Anyone have any ideas?
If there is it wont sound very good. The 57 will get you a more realistic acoustic sound, but a condenser is definitely the way to go if you can swing it.

Work with what you have and see if it works for you. If you cant find a VST, try the 57. If you don't like that, get a condenser.
You aren't going to find a VST to take an electric guitar sound to an acoustic guitar sound
You could get an acoustic guitar virtual instrument and program it but it won't sound natural (except for Acoustic Legends HD but thats $250. I have it, its amazing!)
Check your roomies guitar, if its decent, use the money you would spend on a VST to pick up a good condenser
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as far as i know, there's nothing that will give you a good sound. i know of things that are midi acoustic simulators but most sound terrible and not really close to the original.

you would be better off recording a terrible acoustic with an okay mic. at least that way you'll get the tone and body of an acoustic guitar.
Ok thanks for the replies, I'll look into getting a decent condenser mic to record the acoustic