I traveled to Korea and checked out the Nagwon Music Mall (3 floors of guitars and music gear). There were alot of Korean cheap brands, but there was a shop with lots of expensive, great looking imports. I saw a Jackson that caught my eye; one I've never seen before. It was the shape of a soloist or a dinky (I think). It was white with 2 humbuckers and had a dark colored neck (Ebony? Rosewood?) an the traditional black headstock. Neck thru design and fully painted white from the neck & down. I didn't get a chance to play it but I was wondering what kind of Jackson this was; because I absolutely have to have one.

Any help would be great. Thanks.
Also, if it helps I believe the price was around 3000 USD, but Korea always overprices imports because everyone here haggles for better prices.

EDIT: It had a tremolo system, looked like a Floyd Rose.
EDIT 2: It didn't have EMGs, the pickups looked like Seymour Duncans or something similar.
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It was probably an exclusive to that shop. You may never find another. Check eBay, I'm sure it was a Soloist of some sort.