I'm wondering is it a difficult or simple process to change P90's to Humbuckers on my SG Classic?Is it just a case of routing or is there more to it.I'm trying to upgrade it a bit in terms of looks and sound to the SG ''Standard'' standards but I ain't got much of an idea on how to go about changing them.Your input is appreciated.
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Pretty much just routing, but be aware that the P90 cavity is wider than the humbucker pickup ring.
alternatively, you can get P90 shaped humbuckers or (I think) you can get mini humbuckers and a soapbar mount.
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but, all IS NOT lost... I currently own a les paul that I have converted from p-90's to humbuckers. altho you actually don't have to do this. Dimarzio offers p-90 sized humbuckers of b=nearly ALL of their pups. For instance, if you wanted a "tone zone" (just an example) you CAN buy it in p-90 size.

If you check their website, you can look at what they have to offer. This may be the safest bet and will keep you from performing irreversible customization. And will save you from losing value of your guitar, too
actually, theres a big question here, do your p90s have wings, or is the edge of the soapbar the end of the route? if there are no wings, the hum mounting ring should cover the hole you have now. i have ween that but never done that myself. so youd have to check. if it has wings then the holes will extend past the ring and the options listed above are good

edit: im a foolll, yours are in a pickguard arent they? so just get a new pickguard cut for it

like this
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