I have a VHT special 6 ultra and was wondering if there is a certain setup of tubes that i could put in to achieve more gain? i believe it currently has 2 12ax7's and a 6v6
you can put new power tubes in it that break up sooner/give you less clean headroom... But the difference would be minimal at best. I'm sure you can do something with pre-amp tubes that to my knowledge should give a more dramatic effect, but I'm not confident in exactly what tubes would do that.
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i use an mxr fullbore metal for for the majority of my tone but at a higher volume the amp has a nice crunch on the dirty channel. basically what im looking for is something that would give the amp itself (without the pedal) just a little bit more bite
You can use 12BZ7 tubes in place of the 12AX7 for slightly more gain.

They are slightly taller than the standard 12AX7 though so you won't be able to use tube shields if you had them.

Other than that you could get power tubes that break up sooner, but your not going to get a whole lot of extra gain by switching tubes really.