ive been looking for a bit and i cant find any v shaped guitar that is an HSH ... i really wana find one of these

To be completely honest, as a huge V fan I've seen a grand total of 2 Vs with single coils PERIOD, Yngwie Malmsteen has a V with a SSS setup, and the Gibson V2 had two single-sized pickups, but if I'm correct both of those guitars were loaded with single-sized humbuckers and not "true" single coils. You could get a Warmoth HSH V if you wanted, but it'd be a bolt-on(I prefer bolt-on with a reduced heel personally, but some need that neck-thru heel), and you'd have to assemble it yourself.
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I'm sure there have been a few made over the years, especially home mods and custom jobs, but it is definitely not a common setup.

Best bet is to make your own or scour ebay/craiglist and get lucky.
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It would be easy for a good tech to rout and install a single coil pickup into a standard V-shaped HH guitar. Choose your weapon and then go see your local tech.
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