I was re-doing an LP copy, and was wondering what this piece is called. The metal parts that the bridge goes into (wraparound bridge) and can you remove it? If so how?
Thanks for the help.
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I've always called them bushings, i might be wrong... The way you get them out is to put the posts back in, grab a bit of thin wood or something to lean on so you don't ruin your finish and use the claw on the back of a hammer to pry them upwards while leaning on the bit of wood. There's actually tools made to do the job too if you're too nervous to use the hammer or don't want to scratch things: http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Tools/Special_tools_for_Electronics,_pickups/Knob_and_Bushing_Puller.html?actn=100101&xst=3&xsr=589