Alright guys, i bought this kit about 2 years ago from ebay and i just never got around to finishing it, but i've finaly come to finish, and i need help with installing pick ups guys.

I have an emg 81 and 85 and i need to know how to wire it for 2 volume and 1 tone, ive seen some scmatics like the but the pick up selector dosnt look like mine.

And also, do i need mounting rings?





thanks guys
did you get an EMG selector too? if you did i can kinda help you with it for i had the same issue, if not take it to a guitar tech and he could probably do it
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The tabs for the selector should be the same on all 3 way switches. The middle lug is the output, and the left and right tabs are for the pickups. It doesn't look like you need mounting rings unless the pickups are touching the bottom of the pickup cavity
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