anywho, i have a fender blacktop jaguar, and i've been trying to find a brass nut for it for like a week. i need one pre-made, because i don't have any of the filing materials.

i believe this is the correct graph tech nut, and i just need those same dimensions.

A nut can't really be bought pre-made without needing to be filed down to give the correct height of the strings over the first fret. Look up how to file a nut. If you have a flat bottomed nut (like the one in your link) you can just sand down the bottom to get it to the right height. That way you don't have to screw with string slots.
wouldn't that be a bad idea to not have string slots?

how could i bend?

i know i'll need to file down the bottom, that way the height is the same, but most of my graphtech nuts were almost complete drop ins.

i just would like a brass one.