I'm currently in a band right now that I kind of have some musical differences with. I don't want to leave this band because it has a lot going for it, I'm one of the founding members, and the guys in the band are like my best friends. So what I want to do is start a second band so that I'll have an outlet for my musical tastes. The problem is, I've never had to start a band from scratch. My current band was started by me and friend (who's a drummer), and we actually knew some musicians who we could get in the band. As for me, I'm purely starting from scratch.

I want this second band to be a Post-Rock/Shoegaze/Indie band. My main problem is that I don't think I've ever even met anyone in person around my town that's into this kind of music. I don't want this band to be like my current band where all the members have differentiating tastes and each want to play the band to be a certain style. Another problem I have is that almost all of the musicians I know are already in bands. I could just do the simple thing of putting a flyer up in my local music store; but I'm only 17 and I'm kind of looking for musicians that are around my age. I don't why, but it'd be kind of weird if I was the founding member as well as the youngest member.

So how can I get this band off the ground despite not having the slightest idea of who to get into this band?
Specify in the ad that you're looking for members from a certain age group (perhaps 14-20, to keep it close to your age.) Online ads are also a good method. Perhaps try to get people to repost a short ad on Facebook (or any other social network) for you.

Also, if your local area has a decent music scene, start going to shows and talking to people. You might be surprised by how many people have similar musical interests and also want to start a band.

If you aren't completely into your band's music and everyone has different musical tastes, there's a good chance it's not going to go very far before people start arguing and quitting/kicking each other out of the band.

I was in two bands like that. First, I was in a metal band. I hate metal. Then I founded an indie band which was hijacked by my drummer and turned into an emo/punk band. I learned the hard way that unless everyone has a coherent idea of what the band is supposed to sound like, it won't work well.
I find that starting a band from "scratch" can be tough.

In my experience, bandmates that begin mainly as friends or strong acquaintances are more stable than bands formed entirely of strangers you meet on craigslist or through some other venue.

That said, I expect you migtht have trouble getting somthing stable together. Quite simply, it's tough to find on the web a co-songwriter that you can chill with comfortably while you write the startup material.

If you write all the material yourself, this poses another problem, as the other members may not feel as if they have a role in the band, and that they are just working to fuel some other dude's ego.

You might try thinking more long haul and getting your chops together, getting a drum machine, getting some recording skills and just become a solo artist. Play live to backing tracks. That way it will be all your own material, you will make a name for yourself professionally, won't have to split pay, and will have a point of pride.

All things considered, you might just be best off working with your main band and trying to negotiate a more eclectic mix of sounds.

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