This is the first thing I've written in quite awhile. Its just a nice mashup of memories, dreams, and ideas. So far, the women love it haha. Its a very Iron And Wine inspired song.

C4C as usual.

Cast your wishes into the well
We had filled with dreams of forever
Through the barn where the lambs were raised
Into the trees, our hideaway

The scent of cedar and tragedy
Faithful steps and dirty knees
To the meadow where we lay entwined
Eager whispers in the fading light

Autumn wind through the old oak trees
Fiery sunset and the fallen leaves
The birth of the moon thorugh your eyes
The stars in your hair and your words in the sky

Swimming amongst the stars in the sky
cold water holding our bodies tight
Watching the ripples from the way we sway
Causing the stars to dance in place
(This verse needs work)

Morning dew and the campfire ashes
Heartbeats drumming and crickets laughing

Thats all i have so far.
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If seeing is believing...

...Then believe that we have lost our eyes!!
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