I'm thinking about buying a peavey 6505+ 112. I hear the cleans on it aren't exactly "clean," but I read something somewhere that adding chorus makes it sound a lot better. Do you guys think it will? If not, do you have any other suggestions? thanks
The cleans are fine. All who say the cleans are so terrible that they're not usable don't know how to dial in cleans.

Learn to use your guitars volume knob as well.

And yes adding chorus/reverb/slight delay GREATLY improves the cleans. They're not great, rather sterile, but they are VERY easily usable as they are.
If there's 2 channels turn the gain on the low channel low enough so that when you turn up the volume, you don't get an O.D. sound, yet you can still hear anyway. chorus is nice, so's a little delay and some eq.