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i'm more of a fan of the first song rather then the second one. The second one, i didn't really enjoy the vocals. But it reminded me of ramones sorta.

What software did you use to create the first track?

can you comment on my thread?

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If you want to know
The vocals remind me of the Cars, in fact the whole track has a bit of Cars feel to it. I realize the drums are programmed, but I think if you could fatten them up and a make them more punchy the track would benefit greatly.

I Wanna Love You
Too much spatial separation on the cymbals, and the transients (Kick & Snare) sound a little weak again. The guitar would sound much better if dubbed IMO. Perhaps you could bus an aux off of it to a stereo delay (25ms Left, 50ms Right), and blend to taste. That should widen it. I liked both leads.

Overall what I like about these tracks is that they're NOT plain. There's so much formulaic stuff out there, I'm glad this is a little different.

If you want to know reminds me of a dancier mgmt, thought it was very good. nice and weird but the lyrics are hard to make out. as for 'i wanna love you' in all honesty i found it dull, it seemed like very standardised pop rock to me and i would try and avoid this style (recording quality was good though). I'd reccomend doing more things like 'if you want to know' (of course this is just down to my taste in music so its a subjective criticism)

C4C? link on this thread
If You Want to Know - I love the flanger effect on the drums, the main synth line in the intro is great too. Personally I like your singing style, its very new wave/late 70s. But I could see people being turned off by it if they aren't used to the style. The only think I could think that you could add to this song is a hook. While all of it was good, there isn't really that one really catchy part.

I Wanna Love You - This one is much more mainstream than the first, the chorus melody was simple, which is what you want with a chorus. This sounds very 80s arena rock, until the solo. I like the guitar effect, but I think it may of sounded better on a synth.

Good job on both tracks, I preferred the first. The second one was good, but it was really in the genre I normally listen to.
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Thank you for listenening & commenting! I appreciate it! Here is the software I used for "If You Want to Know": toontrack Superior Drummer 2 for drums; "female singer" is from a synth plug-in called SampleTank, otherwise all synth sounds are Arturia Moog Modular V; song recorded partially on Cubase LE4. What may sound like a "flanger effect on the drums" is actually the Arturia Moog Modular synth with it's built in phaser effect.
Thanks for the review!

Personally I don't really listen to Indy music but I would say that for a 2 minute song ( The first one) it was really well mixed and had some catchiness to it. I dont know if it was by choice but, I would work on the pronunciation if I were you, it sounds a bit muffled.
If you want to know:
nice intro
not a fan of the vocals though, sorry
almost has a bit of a kaiser chiefs sound to the song
overall quite a good song though

I wanna love you:
your vocals sound very much kaiser chiefs-ish
here a bit of a punk influence in this song
interesting tone on the guitar solo
nice outro

think I prefer If You Want To Know
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Sounds very different! I like the techno feel to it. I would polish up some of the vocals on it and EQ it a bit more but other than that, FAR OUT! Keep up the good work!
if you want to know: my favorite part is probably the guitar tone/playing that comes in. wasnt really a fan of the vocals when they came in though. kinda chaotic. i did like the sound of them later on in the part that wasnt words just aaahs over the track. some of those notes were up there too

i wanna love you: the guitar tone sounds kinda..not sure what the right word is. maybe a little thin? not sure but it was a little meh for me. when the vocals come in they might be a little too high in the mix, the guitar gets lost a little. i like the beat of this one. just got to the guitar solo - the songs not over yet but thats definitely my favorite part of this one. im not in love with the vocals but i do like the original melody they follow. kind of unexpected at first which give a fresh feel. predictable music can be boring afterall
Listening to If You Want to Know.

I like it, very funky. I would have more punchier drums, something as funky as the synth. I am not a fan of the vocals. Some may be but not me.

I like the female voice (assuming it's synth) it's going on for a while though. The song didn't overstay it's welcome though and it has it's own style which it does very well.

Good work man, punchier drums is about the only thing I would say the song really needs.
Cheers for the crit mate.

Checkin' If You Want To Know.

Diggin' the intro man, some of it seems a little random, but it's cool.

Vocals remind me of Modest Mouse, but I think that's just how many layers you got goin' on, can't really understand what you're saying though.

The female voice thing goes on for ever though man.

Overall, nice work, I think the female part should be cut down by heaps, and maybe a different section after it, unless it's unfinished?

The mix needs some more balls, mostly the drums/bass.


I Wanna Love You -

I reckon the guitar sounds alright, not really digging the vocals though, and they're pitchy at times.
The verse melody sounds vaguely familiar for some reason.. how many vocal layers do you have here, out of curiosity?

The bass is nice, overall I think the mix is nice, the tune has some nice melodies, but the high note in the chorus sounds off every time.

The solo is weird, but it's different in a good way, diggin' the tones haha, I think the solo should have went a little longer, but it's still nice.
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well its definately original. not particularly fond of the vocals, though this is far from my genres of interest. The instruments/effects seemed to flow nicely together though, so good work on that
Man you just keep coming with these crazy songs !
I really like the wide space feeling of If You Want To Know and the vocal synth!
As I say everytime, I realyl like your sound man !

I wanna love you, this one's great! Sounds like you took a more poppy approach here. Reminds me alot of Blondie in the chorus!
Great job man Nice guitar solo!!!
Everything you make is awesome.
On the first song I feel like the vocals could be brought out a little more in some parts. Very catchy and dancy, and even though it was quite different I liked it a lot.

On the second song I would do away with the effects on the vocals. The verse riff is great, I like how the vocals match with the guitar so exactly. It could use more drums though. They should be louder and maybe have some more fills.

If you could check out my band in my sig that would be awesome.
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Not really my type of music, but very well mixed and like the effects you have done on it.

Well played
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If you want to Know - reminds me of the Warriors soundtrack a little bit. Mainly the synth sounds. Drums are a little quiet in the mix. They sound very good, though. Real or programmed? It is also a very sparse mix, but I think I like that. Bring up the drums and it will be fixed. Also, I really like the tremolo guitar sound heaps.

I wanna love you - Again, drums need to be up. Give it some beef. Not a fan of the guitar tone on this one, either. Possibly a little too metal sounding and in need of a bit more treble. I love the 80s style going, though. Kind of like Devo crossed with Talking Heads, crossed with something from Danny Elfman. There is one or two vocal high notes that are a little iffy, but with the David Byrne style vocals in the chorus it almost doesn't matter.

I like your stuff, man. Good 80's influenced pop.
The song "If you want to know" has a cool intro. I like the electronic effects. I wasnt a huge fan of the vocals though, they could need a little work.
If you want to know:
I thought you did some great work on the synths, the intro builds up nicely and the singing kinda reminds me of Marilyn Manson. I dunno if this is what you were going for haha but it sounds cool. The vocal solo i guess you could call it, near the end of the track is sweet, really atmospheric. This isn't really the type of music I listen to so i'm not sure if it would be appropriate but maybe adding a guitar solo or something near the end would develop the song a bit more and make it more interesting.

I wanna love you:
I like this song better, it's catchier and more purposeful if you know what I mean. The guitar solo works really well and i notice you have some well placed drum fills but they could probably be a bit louder in the mix so they stand out more. You have some cool vocal patterns in this track and as a whole it's really original sounding, mixing a whole range of stuff together.
"If You Want to Know" - Really unorthodox stuff, but I really like it! The synths could use a little better sound designing, but they sound awesome in terms of arrangement. The clean guitar is in a different atmosphere though from the other instruments.

"I Wanna Love You" - Bring the guitars up more front! Assuming you're using a mic'd amp, play around with the mic positions. Or you could EQ, but it's always best to get a good guitar tone recorded rather than fix it up after. The drums sounds mechanical also by the way. Nice track though!

Thanks for checking out my music Aaron!
If You Want to Know

The quirky style is pretty interesting and refreshing, but the drums feel rather lacking, they almost feel like a sidenote. The track lacking a bass line is a bit disconcerting, just a little something steady in the lower registers would've been nice. Thought the structure and writing was very solid.

I Wanna Love You

Has a nice vibe to it throughout, guitar is somewhat muddy. Would've like the snare, and maybe to some extent the kick, to be a bit further in the mix. Love the synth solo!
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Thanks for listening & replying, I appreciate it!! Yes, the "female vocal" is a synth: SampleTank. On "If You Want to Know", the drums are not real, they are toontrack Superior Drummer 2. I don't try to sound like Marilyn Manson, but a number of people have said that in the past. I have never owned a guitar amp. "If You Want to Know' uses Line 6 PodXT on guitar, and "I Wanna Love You" uses Roland COSM VS8F-1 amp models & effects. I might have had up to 4 vocal tracks at a time on "If You Want to Know" (I don't remember for sure). The only sounds that came from a synth on 'I Wanna Love You' is the drums and the synth bass, otherwise it's guitars with effects.
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Dude, loving what's on Soundclick! "Are You Sure" is a right track. You've well nailed the electronic 80's stuff. I love it!
Definitely different stuff the guitars are solid its well produced I'm sure it took alot of work to get the synth and drums so tight. I'd say great job on the music/production side of it. I'm not a fan of the vocals on either track though not that I'm a singing expert myself, maybe its just a stylistic thing for me.....
If You Want To Know:
I like the female vocalese: good melody. I want to do that in my next song!! Like the twangy guitar at the end very much.

Didn't like the intro. If I had my way I'd make a song with the twangy guitar as the intro, some verse/chorus maybe based on the current intro, and put the vocalese as a break somewhere in the middle.

I Wanna Love You:
Good song for its type: late 70s style. Vocals need to be clearer and louder, rhythm guitar needs to be punchier, verging on (but not quite) heavy rock.Wah section is fun. Vocals improve later in the song.
i listened to if you want to know and i thought it was really good. the vocals werent exactly my cup of tea but i liked to music. its trippy to listen to
The drums are a bit too quiet and the voice is sooo creepy haha but I like it. remindes me of the prodigy mixes they did for "the experiance expanded". Interesting to say the least!
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As others have said, the drums are a tad bit quiet for how loud the other sounds are. This probably wouldn't fall under a preferred genre of mine, but it sounds good, and that's more important than any genre in my opinion. The voice and instruments are great as well. The only thing is the drums being quiet for me. The rest of it is fantastic. Nice work!
Hey man thanks for the crit on my page!

"If You Want to Know" - Instrumentally the intro comes straight out of left field, it was weird in a good way. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the vocal delivery but intrumentally probably the stronger of the two tracks. I didn't mind the drums too much, just maybe bring them up in the mix a bit more

"I Wanna Love You" - Vocally this track is a lot better but I would have to agree with the above comment to bring the guitar up in the mix. I'm definately feeling a 70s/80s pop influence on this song which is good if that's what your going for but personally I have no experience listening to any of that stuff. Still production wise its a solid track I would just like to hear some more attack on the guitar tone.
On the first track, I liked the first synth line, but I couldn't really get into the vocal style, I guess it's not really my thing. I did like the "outro" section, I guess you would call it. Or just the second half of the song?

On the second track, it definitely sounded much more generic. It had some good moments, but nothing really came at me as being really unique. Drums could use some energizing too, to fit in with everything else.
If You Want To Know

Got a very video game feeling in the beginning, I love it. Vocals aren't quite my thing, unexpected but they are mixed in well. Clean guitar sounds a bit plain compared to the atmosphere of the other instruments, maybe a little delay or verb to brighten it up. Drums sound pretty solid, maybe bring the kick up a bit, had a hard time hearing.

I Wanna Love You

Guitar tone sounds a bit too plain, your other song had a very strong emphasis on atmosphere and the guitars here aren't quite cutting it. Also, try bringing them up in the mix a bit, as well as the bass - I can hear it but would like to hear it more. I like the really odd solo, maybe a bit more gain on it though to dirty it up though (just personal preference), I like the wah bit to it, very interesting and cool. Same with the second solo/ lead bit.

Both songs are well mixed, just some fine tuning that needs to be done I think. In both I would like to hear a bit more on the low end, most of the other stuff is little or just preference.
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"If you want to know"- All I can really do is echo what other people have already said. I think the backing music is cool in a psuedo 80's pop kinda way, but the vocals are very hit or miss. For me, I think they could be improved with less layers and echo; perhaps this would make the lyrics more understandable. The female part is a nice touch, but I agree with others that it does go on for a bit too long. I think a slick guitar solo after that section, and maybe one more verse on the way out would help the song feel more complete. I feel that song is about the proper length however, so the challenge would be to accomplish all of that while staying within a similar time-limit.

"I wanna Love You"
Quick shot: I feel like the vocal style of your first song should be more akin to this track.
I like the bass part, and how you have the drums interact with your vocals. The guitars should definately be more front and center in the mix, though I do dig the weird solo in the song. I'd say this is the superior of the two tracks, but the first one can be something special with just a lil' more work.

Good luck, and keep rocking!

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Thanks for commenting on my vid ;-)

I really dig your music man, nice indie sound. The first song has an nice electro feel to it, the vocals don't fit this song i think, I like soothing voices when i listen to electro. Yours was kinda hardcore.

The voice fits the second song really well ! like the other guy pointed out, it reminds me of the ramones ! so it got a real nice vintage punk feel to it ;-)

Overall: i like your creativity and i would encourage you to keep going on. Keep up the good work !!

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If you want to know- I enjoyed the keyboard/synths but they sound a little too extreme. I like the guitar parts though, that was the highlight of the song for me. The vocals were pretty cool reminds me of Frank Black from the Pixies,the music for some reason reminds me of Blur.

I wanna love you- makes me think of New Wave, because of the vocals and rhythm. The Vocals didn't sound too hot honestly, but I like the Echo-y effect, to me that made up for it along with the music, The guitar seems a bit too distorted, but that makes sense I suppose since its classified as hard rock. I enjoyed your effects usage in the song though, very nice effects. Critique? please.
If You Want to Know -
Definitely got a Talking Heads feel to the vox (minus the effects).
I actually like the groove to it a lot but definitely too short for my tastes. I wanted to hear more!
Overall it almost reminded me of the soundtrack to The Warriors in terms of the driving synth and such.

I Wanna Love You -
After hearing the synthy-ness of the first track I was a little taken aback by this one in the beginning. Solid riffing for this kind've song, and the 80's tom-fill was crucial =P
The bass was a little too programmed for me with the slapping sound to it.

I checked out a few of the other songs you had posted and definitely dig the new-wave vibe you have going on all of them. I hope to hear great things in the future!
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I just listened to the first song.

Sorta like it, but it was kinda short. I must say that I liked the first part with just the synth more than when the vocals came in.

They did remind me a lot of Pink Floyd's the Wall tough. And some 70's prog records vocal wise, so it was sort of cool that way, but a little pompous. (is that a word in english?).

The female vocal synth was really cool, and sounded realistic, my favorite part of the song. Also, cool synth sounds.
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If you want to know-
I dont know what the hell I'm listening to!(in a good way)This sounds like something out of a 80's movie.(in a good way) Very surprised to run into this on UG. Vocals are not that great. Less effects on the vocals. Maybe raise the drums a bit. Not my cup of tea so hard to find something I like.

I wanna love you

Starts good then I get lost once the singing starts. Good use of effects on the vocals this time. I'd work on the lyrics a bit. Not sure if that was a guitar at the middle and end but if it was it had too much of whatever effect you were using. Unless thats the sound you're going for then I guess you got what you wanted. =)

edit* Thanks again for listening to my stuff and sorry it took me a while to listen to yours. Keep it up bro!
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If You Want To Know - Everything I was thinking has been posted, this is very original, I do feel like their really should have been a bass line, but the guitar tone is very...I wish I listened to this music more often, I could note the band it reminds me of, but, none the less, a very ODD pop song.

I Wanna Love You - I don't like that guitar tone, but that's just me, I'm not a fan of the vocals on this song, I would say you have a good British punk kind of voice if the effects weren't there, especially that high note, it seems a little forced, the solo starting at around 2:18 is VERY good though, I really enjoy the effects used, but I feel like it goes back into the chorus abruptly.

Thanks for the crits on my stuff man, I hope I gave you a few useful crits.

Yes, poop.
Hi again aaron! It's been a while. Here are my thoughts, writing as I listen the second time on each song:

If You Want To Know

The intro of made me laugh. I don't know why, but it was in a good way.
At around 13 seconds, it started to sound like a theme song for a space shooter. Pretty cool. The vocals are a bit annoying at first, but at the second listen I find them fitting very well. Reminds me a bit of Datarock in a way. The guitar really makes the song in the second part of the song, and the falsetto (I think) is quite cool.

I like it. While I do like short songs, as they keep you concentrated on the song (Unlike mine, they always turn out to be 4-5 minutes. Annoying) I feel as if this one could've used about 30 secs more.

Good job though!

I Wanna Love You
Honestly, this disappointed me a bit. You keep a pretty high standard, but this one seems kind of forced. Forcing music is a bad thing ya'know:P
Also sounded a bit cliché until about 2:20 where things started to sound quite good. But then back to the "Haaaaai wanna love you". The songs I've heard from you have usually been alternative/indie, so it's cool that you step outside your usual(?) limits, but doing that also makes you more vulnerable to not being as good as usual.

I don't know if I can give you any other tips. The obvious would be to say that "you should just let the music come to you", but I am not sure how you wrote this, so it's not necessarily applicable.

So yeah, decent song from a great artist!

Keep it up!



- Huliheaden
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