I was just about to pull the trigger on an Ibanez RG3550 or this Jackson Soloist I found on eBay, but while doing some research I've heard that factory pickups; whether they claim to be dimarzios or seymour duncans, happen to be 'fake'? -- or at least not as good?

Could someone please break the ice for me? Thanks.

Also, opinions on my choices and which one you would prefer?http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-IBA-RG3550MZ-LIST

The pickups on the 3000 model Ibbys should be genuine DiMarzios. And yes Ibanez also colab with DiMarzio to make other pickups on some of their lower end models, like the DiMarzio IBZ (I've never used them though).

As for opinions on choice. I would take the Ibanez myself, just prefer them over Jackson, and I think it looks cooler. xD
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As far as Jackson guitars go, if they say "Seymour Duncan" on them, then they are real Seymour Duncan pickups. The "imitations" say "Duncan Designed" on them. They are made in Korea to Seymour Duncan specifications - but not hand wound in the USA. And honestly, those "Duncan Designed" pups aren't too shabby either.

A Soloist should have real Seymour Duncan pickups in it.
that link is specifically about Ibanez... i was specifically speaking about Jackson. but again - according to link for Ibanez stock pops... guitar pickups labeled "Seymour Duncan" are USA made; and pickups labeled "Duncan" are "off-shore" made.
those are real dimarzio's. some ibby's, as mentioned above, have pickups that are designed by dimarzio but made by somebody else (often Ibanez). those ones aren't great. the real ones are amazing.

I would take the ibanez. I prefer the neck on that one to the neck on the jackson.
i just picked up a RG3550MZ for dirt cheap from GC (less than $700 after tax), and its a killer guitar.

it has genuine dimarzio pickups, not the questionable Dimarzio/IBZ.

killer guitar.
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probably "duncan designed" or some bs like that
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Ibanez do work with DiMarzio to produce pickups [DiMarzio Designed]. They are cheaper.


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I can't believe some of the misinformation going on in this thread.

In the US it is ILLEGAL for any company to give false information in any ad or spec sheet. When you don't see "designed by" in a spec sheet, it means that the pups are genuine.
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Go for the Ibanez, use the extra cash to flip out the pups, get a real FR, and put some higher output pots in there.
^^ What the hell is a high out put pot, I think you just made smething up dude!! pots are 250k, 500k, 1 meg, ect. And the value will afect tone, but I have never heard them called high output pots
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