Sell that experimental blues filth to a porn studio right this instant!! only joking...it would suit one of 'those' films mind you. Pretty good.

I'm torn on the classical one. You're obviously a very good guitarist, and one or two of the chords are really interesting. But for me, some of the progressions are a bit nothing-y; there's too much focus on the fiddly stuff at times, for my liking. So, technically it's impressive, but not memorable except for the occasional chords which are slightly less formulaic. (I think it's the third bar of each little sequence where these ones kick in? Will have to listen again to be sure).

Generally I think these are OK, but given how talented you are at the instrument, you can definitely do better! I guess it's just a case of refining the mixture of technique and invention, if that makes any sense.

Here's something I've recorded recently on my Youtube channel, see what you think if you like;

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