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Edit: FFFFUUUU it's the bean spiller again
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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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Let the bodies hit the fall-drowning pool
Thor! Odin's son Protector of mankind Ride to meet your fate Your destiny awaits Thor! Hlödyn's son Protector of mankind Ride to meet your fate Ragnarök awaits

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Which "Call of Duty"?

Black Ops? Viet Nam era songs: "Gimme Shelter" and "Paint it Black" - Rolling Stones "Fortunate Son" - CCR

Modern Warfare 1, 2, or 3: whatever you want.

World at War: 40's big band stuff Like Glen Miller, etc (Seriously)
Spelling mistakes, bad grammar.

Bad TS! This shall not pass!
You Dont Know Me

I have 10 Anarchy Points - I also have 8 Mythology points!

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This man has brains.

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Banned for indirect reference.

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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

I'm losing my grip, 'cos I'm losing my fingers.
I cant believe I'm actually answering this seriously but nevermind... I find that the Pretty Reckless work well for me. Not sure why, it just does :P
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