Sup people!

Sorry if im in the wrong place, but i figured this question goes under recordings somewhere.

How to you place a song (like a mp3 file) in garage band and record over it?

I´m currently working on a couple of vocal covers so i thought i was gonna record my voice over the original track like some people on youtube do. But i don´t know how to get a song into garageband.

Thanks in advance.

Drag it in. It's honestly that simple. Or there's a symbol with little pair of eighth notes that you can click and it will bring up your itunes and other files.
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Haha, thanks man!

I guess i must have done something wrong the last time i did that, cause i´ve tried it before.

Ah well. Thanks!
me too! need help! i've got a Tascam USB interface and i'm running Audacity (kinda sucks) how do i fix the record/playback meters from maxing out? makes it sound like shit. i'm new to this, so i really don't know what i'm talking about here.