This is my second song. Y'know when you like a girl, and sometimes it hurts to think about them, and the thought of her can make you slightly sick? Well, this is about that.
I mean, obviously it's mostly good, but sometimes it can be kinda bittersweet.


I'll tell ya lady
The devil you create in me
Well I'll tell you lady, when you appear to me
It's the crimson poison anemone
The chemical toxins released through my body
It's warfare throughout my whole wide dolly
Well I'll tell you lady, there ain't no remedy
You're the teerin' demon lust melody
It's bittersweet harmony projecting on me
Like a leech on my brain you stick on my tree
Well I'll tell you lady, it's darkness you bring
It's almost menacing

Lady you're a firey-haired siren
A beautiful deathtrap, yes you are
Breaking into my soul, unhinging everything inside
And the pleasure you project on me
is almost menacing!
(it's almost menacing)
It's almost menacing!
(it's almost menacing)
I loose control of myself
(it's almost menacing)
I can't keep my mind out of my stomach
(it's almost menacing)
And when you reach my nerve
it's menacing, yeah!

I'll tell ya lady
You're an evil symphony
Well I'll tell you lady, when you appear to me
It's an evil cultic ritual tea
Exorsism is needed to get my body free
The dark spirits you lead are trolling me
Well I'll tell you lady, you're the snake of Tennessee
The terror venom in my arteries
Fangs of a snake hide behind those lips of ease
When you bite you destroy the endo body
Well I'll tell you lady, you're a false gold ring
It's almost menacing


OBVIOUSLY I've exagerrated, lol.
Yeah, so I imagine this to be a Blues Rock song, with some Psychedelic themes.

Critism please
Great song, really. Except the rhyming is forced as all hell, and it shows. Especially in line 6, stanza 1: "my whole wide dolly". The themes are great, but the words need a little work. On the whole, well done :-)