I dont care and Im wondering why theres an article about this. The mother in law had to have some reasons for writing this email though.
Quite funny. Although some of the things she describes do sound quite rude. Funny though!
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I heard about it on the radio and they said the woman forwarded it to her friends to see what they thought and then they sent it on to their friends, then they sent it on and this continuded long enough for it to become news
Sounds like the guy was being an arse.

No need to be like this though
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Actually I side with Mrs. Bourne. I visited my now ex bf family and adjusted to their house rules, which after living on my own for years was WEIRD!( They rise early and he and his bro have to clean the WHOLE house b4 5pm when she gets home. I chipped in because you want to make a good 1st impression but I'm glad I didn't marry into THAT family!

The only thing I found to be wrong was Mrs. Bourne mentioning the financial state of Heidi's parents and paying for the wedding. Both my parents have passed away so I'll be paying for my own wedding whenever I marry and hopefully my future fiance will understand and we both pay for our own.
Sounds like a snooty bitch to me.

I mean, yeah fair enough if you're being ignorant in someone else's house then that's not cool.

But things like "Dont' start eating before everyone else has" and "Don't ask for more food when you aren't in your own house" or whatever are just being picky.
Surely if she's saying "You aren't of this house peasant girl, no more food for you." she's just being a bad host, which is just as bad as being a bad guest.

...all in all this situation if very trivial...why did it make the news!?
I mean, sure it's the sun, but shit.
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She's clearly ridiculously posh, but in fairness, I agree with most of those if you're only meeting the family for the first time. Having basic fucking manners isn't difficult.
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She sounds like a stuck up bitch to be honest.
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