Bumped like a boss. Sorry to be a pain in the ass but C&C would be much appreciated.
You're coming along well, the rhythm is what you want to focus on. I cover all mumford and sons, I am in process as we speak of uploading my first cover of this song in MP3, once you work up your rhythms you will appreciate the bluegrassy feel of the pulls and hammers you can do in this song (much like marcus plays it). Also, I think you'll find that letting that initial chord ring harder into the chorus gives you a deep haunting lead into the chorus lines, try giving the strings a good tap initially and then attacking a little softer and slower as you get into the depths of the chorus. The MP3 uploaded, mind you my rhythms need a lot of work and my voice is not much. I hope this was helpful in some way. I am going to be posting a ton of Mumford and Sons instructionals videos too ( I also left you a comment on the video) as soon as I can get my desktop fixed and hopefully I can really help you along if you need it at all with anything, just let me know if you have any requests and I can try and get them up. You're sounding good though mate, keep up the good work!

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