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Here's my vote:

POST! I need some awesome live bands to watch.
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i generally prefer studio stuff but you can't beat hendrix at woodstock or one of the other live songs
This show gives me goosebumps watching, impressive especially considering the fact this took place not too long after their first album.
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I was flicking through the channels and happened to see BBC3's NON-FUCKING-STOP Glastonbury show. Coldplay playing Fix You? AWESOME.... Even if your not a Coldplay fan like me.
Queen at Live Aid, probably.
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Not exactly original... but just so damn good.

That absolutely destroys the original. Amazing DVD, and Run To The Hills was seriously sweet as well;

First choice would've been Master of Puppets in Seattle, as TS said, such an adrenaline rush, but my favourites would be;

Megadeth - A Tout le Monde (That one night version)

Dream Theater - Hollow Years (solo was incredible)
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all others are deemed inferior compared to the mighty Gorgoroth

(there is a bit of nudity so i hope people dont get all jazzed about it)

thats such a sick stage aha
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John Mayer at Pinkpop 2010. I couldve been there, now hate myself for not going then. Thought mayer was a total douche, but his music is awesome, alas, I only figured that later out. And he has some pretty decent humour too, just he says things sometimes that are misinterpreted or just really too far, in which case you cant blame it on anyone else except him.

Anyway, Gravity at Pinkpop 2010:

What he does with the guitar there, combined with his phrasing makes me put him up there beside Hendrix, Page, May, Van Halen and of course a lot of other people, but really, just such a master of the guitar.
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Soul sacrifice by Santana at woodstock.
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Battle Hymn by Manowar. They got a choir. A ****ing choir.
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