Id like to start with apologizing if there is a better category this is more suited for. I wasnt too sure.

I wanna know if there are any databases out there with Drum MIDI files of songs that were already made famous? Im interested in doing some vocal covers. Without the lead vocalist being there at all. I found most of the vocal remover VST's deplete quality like HELL. So I figured id make my own. Does a website like this exist?

yes I used google. I had some luck, but id much rather hear other peoples opinions, some of the sites looked rather low budget and not safe.
Did you find musicrobot.com? I haven't used it for a long time, but I used to find it was a useful starting place as it searches most of the midi sites out there & I could usually find a useable version of whatever song I was looking for.

As a side note, it's part of the same group of sites which also includes lyricsrobot and tabrobot, and was how I eventually found UG and started using this site as my main source of guitar stuff.
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This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but... I used to kill myself trying to recreate drum tracks in MIDI by listening to the original recordings, then one day hit upon the bright idea to search for drum tabs of the songs I was working on. Lo and behold, I found them, and used them to program the MIDI myself. It might be a good workaround if you can't find already-made tracks.
If you have Guitar Pro, you could export the midi from the tabs. Granted, some tabs dont include drums and some are incorrect, but its quick and easy!
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