I've been searching for a long time and i have a decent idea about what they used to use on horizons (BBE Maxinmiser, Maxon OD 808, Boss Ns-2, Boss Tuner and mayybe a Maxon Compressor). But i havent found what their using now. Theres a video where you can see them but ist kind of far. Let me know, thanks...Name anything you can see especially Jeff's (On the left).

It seems pretty similar to the old setup to me.
I'm not sure why the BBE is in there, it's not all that useful outside of bedroom applications
but yes, they do use it.
I just see the OD808, the Ns-2 and Tuner. I'm pretty sure they also use an Ibanez 9 series delay,
but most of the tone is from their amps (6505 and Rackmount Recto)