Hello all!

So, in an effort to build up my pedal board, I need to make sure I have the right power supply for each pedal. (BTW, sorry, but I am an IDIOT WITH ELECTRONICS!!!)

My MXR classic distortion says 9v. So this means ANY adapter that says "9v" will work?

My Boss Japanese phaser is far more confusing, and I don't know what the heck to do!!

My Pitchblack tuner says "ac adapter dc 9v". I THINK I get that part (although, given my aformentioned ineptitude with electronics, I still dont' understand the juxtaposition of an "ac Adapter Dc9v"

Also, would anyone recoomend a one spot? Does it come with enough cables to fit every pedal?

Thank you!

The AC-DC reference simply means that it takes an AC input (from the outlet) and turns it into DC power for the pedal. It's not true that any 9v supply will work, but for your purposes, a standard boss-style 9V power supply will work. If you walk into any guitar center or music store and ask for a pedal adapter, they'll hand you that one. It's a 9V, 200mA (usually, though that's not a critical spec in your case), center-negative power supply with a 2.1mm (I think) barrel tip.

What you need is a 9 volt DC (sometimes called AC-DC adapter) power supply. An important thing to check is the polarity of the unit.
Most pedals are center negative, which means that the inside part of the plug is negative and the outside connector (the "barrel") is positive. Do not use the wrong one! Your pedals should have an indication on them that tells you their polarity. Often it's just a little picture of the plug tip with a plus and minus pointing to the barrel and center.

A one-spot is a good idea. I don't think they usually come with the daisy chain, you'd likely need to buy it separately.