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Here's a new song ive been working on for a few days , its cinda short , so i wanna know what you guys think about it.

the song is about someone slowly fading away on his deathbed

anyway its GPX so no gp5 or midi , why ? cuz im to lazy to transfer it

Fading Away
Fading Away.gpx
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At first I felt that it was a little too happy but I guess he/she/it could be reliving their memories or something.


It's a pretty solid song. The intro got about the proper length, so no complaints there.
And as I go I realize that I can't really complain about anything. Each part do their job, and that's about it. Maybe make the outro longer?
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This is incredibly upbeat for someone dying.
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I think it's a good, solid all-around song. I don't think it's too upbeat for someone dying, as long as you portray the right things in the lyrics( Like Cheesy Mozarella said, maybe reliving happy memories. I also liked how the song kind of ended how it began.
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Quote by MobiuZ

you guuuuys , anyway added midi allthough its cinda hard to compare the 2 but o well

where is the MIDI??
Yay for me being a girl guitarist

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Quote by MobiuZ
added a wav export for those who are interested


I don't think that'll bring more potencial crits: people hate having to download stuff to crit, and they like seeing what they listen to. I, fortunately, have GP6, so I might give this a go later, but you should post a MIDI/GP5 version anyway, since regulars in this subforum already know how to look past the "MIDIness" and see it as the song it is.
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