So I recorded some vocals on my 8 track recorder and exported it to my mac. On the 8 track the audio sounds fine, but when I import the .WAV files to Garageband the audio quality turns to crap and it keeps crackling and breaking like I was screaming into the mic or the recording level was too high. Does Garageband have a problem with working with .WAV or what could my problem be?
I have managed to get Mixcraft 5 to open a wav file by right clicking on the file and doing an "open with" and then pick Mixcraft 5. I don't know if Apple has that option or not but it works on Windows 7.
That does indeed work on Macs too, but that isn't the issue here.

TS, I believe the issue is down to your 8-track, or the way you're monitoring everything (I'm going to presume you're using a separate monitoring setup with the 8-track, than with the computer?). I'm not entirely sure what potential issues there are - maybe your 8-track isn't outputting very high-quality .wavs to your Mac, or maybe it is having errors when sending the files to the Mac, either way Garageband should work perfectly well with .wavs as they are a standard audio file.

If my above assumption was correct, however, it could just be that when you listen on the 8-track you don't notice that you're clipping the audio, and only realise when listening to it in a better environment. Is that a possible cause or can you tell us more about what is happening/your signal chain for 8-track and for computer?
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Hmm its very strange, I just plugged my headphones into my mac and the sound quality is fine. I guess its just my mac speakers. But they don't blow out like that on anything else I play..