Hey guys, I've been looking into getting an acoustic guitar (tried playing electric already but all I can really do is power chords). My main instrument is drums I want to get an acoustic so I can learn some of the basic chords and play and write a couple simple songs. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money also. I was wondering what you guys think of these 2 guitars

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/rogue-dreadnought-cutaway-acoustic-electric-guitar Acoustic electric- $129

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/rogue-ra-100d-dreadnought-acoustic-guitar Standard acoustic $80

Is it worth the extra $50 to be able to plug a guitar into an amp or is it just as viable to mic up the acoustic guitar? Thanks I appreciate any input
it would be good that would would save up more money (at least $200) to get a guitar worth playing..
Yeah I was thinking $200 as like..the absolute max. I'm not really sure how serious I wanna be with this instrument so I'm not looking to spend like a grand or something crazy.

btw does anyone have experience with the Rogue guitars? How is the sound quality considering the price?
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Yeah I was thinking $200 as like..the absolute max. I'm not really sure how serious I wanna be with this instrument so I'm not looking to spend like a grand or something crazy.

btw does anyone have experience with the Rogue guitars? How is the sound quality considering the price?

If you're spending $80 on an acoustic guitar, you can't really expect to get much out of them. I've never cared much for Rogue guitars, but that's just one man's opinion.

I would recommend highly saving up a bit more and getting a guitar that is a bit more worthwhile. At around the $200 range, you start getting into a couple of Alvarez, Yamaha, Washburn, etc. Which are all higher quality instruments that Rogue would be, IMHO.
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I think if you just want to learn guitar, you should actually go with a guitar thats cheap as heck, just so you aren't wasting your money if you decided you don't really want to play. And also, then you can take it on trips and stuff without feeling like you're going to break your baby.

I bought my acoustic from a friend for $20, and guess what, its still a guitar, and I can still play it. Is it great quality? No. In fact the 13h fret on the high E doesn't work. But you shouldn't be going up there on an acoustic anyway. And I actually don't want a high quality guitar, because I know its going to get broken or rained on or something at some point.

Just buy the cheap one. Unless of course you want to play shows.... then I'd recommend saving up.
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Thanks for the opinions.. I'm still leaning towards the cheaper guitars only because I'm not even sure how long this instrument will hold my interest. Mainly just looking for something to practice with and at the most do a couple of little recordings to record some riffs.

I'm still open to changing my mind however which is why I made the thread. Thanks for the input keep it coming
You cant go wrong with Yamaha acoustics. Great guitars for little money. But whatever you do, try out the guitar before you buy it. Just to make sure its not a peice of crap.You can't tell much by looking at a picture on line.

Even if you don't know how to play any chords yet, bring along a friend who play's or get a salesman to strum it for you. It's much harder to learn to play on an acoustic guitar with lousy action and that buzzes all over the fretboard.

Plus if you get a halfway decent guitar and end up not wanting it, you can at least sell it or trade it. Nobody would want a $80.00 used guitar.

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the problem with the rogues - and i owned one, but gave it away - is that they have bad tuners, so your guitar will constantly go out of tune while you're playing, and they often have intonation problems (so when you're playing it will SOUND like your guitar is out of tune, but it won't be - just when you fret some strings, they will never sound right). mine came strung very poorly, and a couple guys got theirs with poorly seated frets. there are sometimes other issues, as well.

if you have to go cheap, i'd suggest this guitar

or this one, which has a solid top - a good thing

or possibly a jasmine, but i prefer the yamahas.
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Patticake's suggestions are good ones.

The thing with buying a cheap guitar is you don't want to go so cheap that it's discouraging because you can't make it sound good. But I also understand not wanting to spend a lot for something you may not even want to keep in the end. The trick is finding the balance.

You could find something playable between $120-$160. Consider looking for something with no frills (like fancy inlays or on-board tuners). Also, might be a real good idea to go secondhand, just be aware of what you're buying. Try your local craigslist or Kijiji.

Best of luck! And rock on.
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Thanks guys I decided to go with that yamaha f335.. heard a lot of good reviews and things about it and I like the sound it gives considering the price range. Like I said I wasn't looking to get too crazy with the price but I didn't want to buy a turd that was gonna go out of tune constantly and sound like complete and utter garbage (might as well have just bought a wal mart guitar if I wanted that LOL). Thanks again guys, maybe ill post some recordings once I have the guitar.

btw I checked craigslist but all I could find in my price range was some guitar with a cracked headstock..was not interested in that deal! Did a lot of research on what to buy and the yamaha seemed like the best deal for the money for me.
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