ok so ive been batting the idea of building my own 7 string guitar instead of buying one. but before i do, i need to figure out where i can get a custom fretboard, because i am not willing to take the fretboard on in my firdt build.

and i want to make it neckthrough so i cant use a warmoth neck, and i want to actually carve the neck to a profile i like.

so what are my options for the fretboard?
Carvin does neck-thru 7 string necks, but I'm not sure how custom it would be, I mean, you could always attack it once you received it.
I'm doing a very similar build right now. Custom neck through seven string. Its my first build and i'm doing my own fretboard. It isn't too hard. I just recommend getting some practice with fret slotting and fretting on some scrap wood. I did this and i was confident enough to start my own fretboard.
Warmoth neck will be your answer.
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