You all seem a very welcoming bunch! I am really getting into my shredding at the moment. Anyone got any tips? I love watching videos of metal heads shredding on Youtube.
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Hey there.

There's tons of great info in the technique forum. As well as in the lessons section if you haven't checked them out already.

I've also been through a ton of books and instructional DVDs in my own quest for better technique, the ones I think are the most useful personally are:

  • Paul Gilbert - Intense Rock I
  • John Petrucci - Rock Discipline
  • Michael Angel Batio - Speed Kills 2010
  • Troy Stetina - Speed Mechanics For Lead Guitar
  • Rusty Cooley - Shred Guitar Manifesto (awful production, but really useful exercises.)

Thanks! I was treated to find a reply! I will check those out. I have Rock Discipline already. Thanks for those links too. This site is an awesome resource for rock and metal!