Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows is it possible to connect my electric guitar up to a macbook for garage band whilst simultaneously using an amp. Effectively use the amp for sound but the mac for recording?

Any info anyone has would be great!

Some amps have recording out jacks, so you can go guitar-pedals(if any)-amp-computer, but I don't think this is the case with a lot of amps, and with the amp I tried it with(Roland Cube 20X), the tone had changed, it got a lot bassier/midsier. You could do it though!
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Are you wanting to use the amp to hear what you're recording as you record it (called "monitoring")? Or are you wanting to record the sound of your amp?

In the former case, you don't need your amp to do this; you can monitor within garageband. The default is to have monitoring off, but there is a per-track setting for it. You could use your amp to do this if you wanted to, though the specifics would depend on your amp, your audio interface, etc.

In the latter case, you would play through your amp normally, and use a microphone to record the sound from the amp.
Yea I probably should have specified a bit more about my set up etc. apologies about that.

My setup is pretty basic. Roland 20w Cube amp and Epiphone Les Paul. I havent bought the mac book yet. I would mainly be wanting it for recording my own music I play on the guitar though. I'm not really that bothered about the effect provided by the software more just that I could capture the sound played from my amp and record my own guitar tracks and then maybe create backing tracks to go along with it.

I also hear there is the ability to download guitar lessons, anyone had much experience with this?
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I'm not really that bothered about the effect provided by the software more just that I could capture the sound played from my amp

in this case, what you'll want is a nice microphone to stick in front of the amp, and an audio interface to connect the mic to the laptop.

the audio interface will have one or more mic or instrument inputs, plus a usb or firewire cable to connect it to the computer. i use an apogee duet -- which is lovely, but uses firewire. these days the normal macbook doesn't have firewire, only the macbook pro's do, so if a macbook pro is out of your budget, you'll want a usb-based audio interface instead. (i have an older macbook from when they did have firewire... next upgrade, i'm stuck moving to the pro, or replacing my firewire devices.) i haven't used any other audio interfaces, so can't offer any useful comparisons.

the usual microphone people will recommend is the shure sm57. i have one: it seems to do the trick, but i've never used any others, so again, i can't offer any comparisons. as professional microphones go, they're dirt cheap, and every music shop will have them in stock cause everyone uses them. if you're on a realllly tight budget you can probably find a cheap "computer microphone" which plugs directly into the laptop, which will save you needing to buy the audio interface... but at this point, you might as well just get an adapter and plug your guitar into the laptop's mic socket and do your effects in software, cause it'll cost next to nothing and won't sound any worse than recording your amp with a shitty mic.

this thread is probably more suited to the recording gear forum?