Hey, this has been bugging me for a while.
I play equal amounts of rhythm and lead guitar, usually in a metal-style, but I really need to know the advantages, and disadvantages of:
-Pointy/Not so pointy

If someone could perhaps recommend a pick for fairly fast (I'm not a speed freak, it's all about melodies, not 10,000 notes a second) metal rhythm and lead playing, that'd be useful.

For playing quick i prefer a thick rigid pick, that way it doesnt flex any and is easier to control. I prefer fairly rounded but im not sure if it would make a difference. I use the dunlop jazz III
I find it a lot easier to play in general with a pointy pick, thick is a bit easier than thin for playing fast, as long as it's like an arrow tip I'm good though. The only con with pointy picks is that at least the thicker ones sound like nails on a blackboard, I've come to hate the sound of them, thin and somewhat rounded picks just sound a lot better for my picking style. Of course different picking technique yields different results, such as holding the pick more or less angled.

I suggest you go to a music shop and buy a bunch (maybe 10-20) of different picks. Different shape, size, thickness and material. Play them all for a while and it should be apparent which one(s) suits your tone and playing best.
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All three of those points play into how the pick feels in your hand, dynamics and pick attack against the strings.
It's all really preference so you'll have to experiment to find what you like the best.
For any kind of metal playing I like to use the Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III (the red ones). Their thick, rigid and pointy which I like for accurate playing.
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with picks it's all a matter of preference really - there is no "set-in-stone" rule that says a certain type of pick is best for a certain type of playing.

the best way to go about finding what works for you is to just try a load of different ones and see which you like best.
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i would lean towards rigid and thick for that. that's just me, of course, you may be the exact opposite.

pointy versus not... i dunno. i guess pointy but i don't notice all that much difference.
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I find that small rigid picks like the Jazz III inspire me to play with more precision and more economical motions. You can't do crazy, flailing Pete Townsend-isms with a small pick. You need to be more gentle.

If you have a very rigid pick, you end up holding it more gently because it won't bend to release the string (if that makes any sense).
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