So, it turned out the last piece of Ibanez SZ520QM was sold in my country.

I wanted this guitar so badly for it's beautiful cleans and aggressive, beefy distorted sound. I have to get an alternate, similar to this one.
SZ520 had mahogany body, a set-in 3-piece mahogany neck, Duncan/Ibanez humbuckers, Gibraltar III bridge and strings through body. It would have been PERFECT for me.
And yeah, it was for under $540 / €375...
Critical miss on my behalf.

What should I go for now?
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Ibanez RGA? (has bolt on neck)

Washburn X50/X40?

LTD H/MH-NT (3xx/4xx)
Can't you just ask them to order one for you? You seem really stoked about this particular guitar.

Otherwise: Ibanez makes an Mahogany RG-model with a hard-tail Gibraltar (String-thru-body as well), with Ibanez humbuckers. Might wanna check that one.

Or maybe get a LTD? Or a Jackson or something?

Best guess is Ibanez though, if you liked the specs so good of the SZ520.

Good luck!

EDIT: You could get the Ibanez RGA32/42 (Active pickups; RGA42 has got an active EQ switch instead of a tone knob) or the RG321 (passive pickups)

LTD Viper 100FM
Ibanez RG320PG P2 (For sale*)
Ibanez RGA32 (w/ IronGear pups)
Epiphone Pro-1

Vox VT15
Vox Tonelab EX
- through -
Peavey KB-300

* = PM me for more details

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For that price maybe a used Cort kX Custom would be good. Similar to the Ibanez but with Seymour Duncan Jb/59 and a flame maple top.

Look at the used section in stores in your country. You'll even save some money, too.
Sad thing is, this guitar's production is discontinued. To tell the truth, there IS one left in the country. But the shopkeeper is an asshole and raised the price to $600 / €415...
Which is just too much for me, considering I didn't even want an $500+ guitar at first until I saw this baby.
About the RGA32, it sounds too "plastic" for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm an industrial metal fan, but that guitar's sound is just not right. And it's operated by 2 AA batteries instead of standard 9V. I don't really want an active pickup one, maybe later I'll buy Seymour Duncan Blackouts though, just not yet. I don't even have a guitar yet. There aren't many used guitars around here, and I really want a brand new as my very first.
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What about the SZR520 from ibanez.. pretty much the same thing except a few minor changes..

Well, it's made in China, and has much shittier pickups than the SZ520. And for the same price.
Yah but all the ibanez low/mid range stuff has been made in china/indonesia for quite a while and the quality wont be THAT much worse.. And the duncan designs in the sz520 arent exactly good either...

If you're desperately set on one just hunt around used for one.. Simplez
Well, SZ520 was made in Korea. I'm not saying I couldn't get a decent made Chinese SZR520, but somehow I have a bad feeling about it. As for pickups, I'm considering some more expensive Cort guitars also, but the EMG "HZ" pickups (usual pickups in midrange Corts) aren't very good, I think the ones in the SZ520 are a bit better.
Probably. The sz520 has been discontinued for quite a while surprised you found a new one at all. I'd question it being new at all and try to get the price down ahha
WOO!! I've found Ibanez RG321MH for $445 / €308. I seriously thought this guitar is only available in the USA. Looks cool, has mahogany body for a beefy tone and INF3/INF4 pups. Seems like a good buy. Opinions?