Poll: Have you ever smashed a guitar?
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Yes, and it was fun
10 12%
Yes, and it was heart breaking
6 7%
No, but I want to
26 31%
No, and I don't ever want to ;_;
43 51%
Voters: 85.
I smashed a guitar for the first time today- a dumpster-worthy acoustic made of plywood. It was entertaining, but I couldn't imagine doing it to something of value. I was intending to smash and burn my first guitar (a First Act which I modded to hell and covered in black fur) but my friend convinced me otherwise.

So, to give this thread a point, have you?
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Yeah, 3/4 size £20 acoustic from Argos.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

I smashed a friend's 3/4 Yamaha acoustic that smelled like smoke no matter how much I cleaned it and whose fretboard had expanded and cracked a bit (and was missing the high e tuner). But it was in a fight, a crime of passion.
Yes a 12 string acoustic I had and dropped (So it was broken anyway) so I just smashed the rest of it as I had to throw it away and it was too big for the bin in one piece
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hell no!

smashing guitars is like kicking pupies, mother-****ing-wrong!
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No. But I probably could smash my acoustic since it is now literally unstringable and thus unplayable and worthless so I can't really sell it.
I smashed my kiddies-acoustic when I was 6 or 7. Don't know why. Took me quite some years to rediscover the magic that is the guitar.

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The actual correct answer
I clicked no then immediately realized yes I did. My friend let me smash his crappy acoustic so I smashed it against a pole while driving by it in a truck.
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Yeah I've smashed and burned a guitar before. Then I died of combined drug intoxication in London.



I see what you did there...I think

Anyway TS, expect to get a ton of 'you shouldnt have done that! you could've donated it to someone that wanted to play guitar but couldnt afford one. you're so heartless!' comments
an old strat copy with a super thin body, great neck....it was a long time ago and I was stupid and sometimes I wish I still had that guitar, even if I could never get the action low enough...I would be using it for open tuned slide guitar if I had it today...
Yes. Actually, my friend was moving away, so we took his ratty tatty old acoustic, and broke it to pieces on eachother's backs, and then we all signed different pieces, and he hung all the pieces from his ceiling in his new house. It was actually a pretty amazing time.
I once threw my explorer into the wall whilst haveing a bad manic epsiode, it knocked the tone pot loose and gouged plaster off the wall, that guitar is damn near indestructible
Yeah, a few. Anyone who stiffs me for repair work on their shitty little Squier can collect it from my trash.
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