I'm planning on replacing the stock pups in my RG with the following:

Neck - Dimarzio PAF Pro
Middle - Diamrzio True Velvet Middle
Bridge - Seymour Duncan Custom 5 SH-14

I'm trying to get a versatile enough set-up and I shall be stalking eBay listings for the next while.

My guitar is comprised of a basswood body and a bound rosewood fingerboard on a maple neck.

Any advice/objections?
im a huge fan of dimarzio's, the paf pro will give u a real nice, smooth sound with out a lot of bite for some silky solos. i don't kno much about the true velvet and i still have yet to find a use for a middle pickup... for the bridge i would suggest maybe something along the lines of an evolution? same thing steve vai uses. real punchy yet still works well with most styles
The SD Custom 5 doesn't match up well with either of dimarzios IMO.

I like this combo below.

Bridge-SD Custom Custom
Middle-SD Cool rails
Neck-SD Pearly Gates


Bridge-Dimarzio EVO 2
Middle-Dimarzio The Chopper
Neck-Dimarzio Evolution Neck
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Ok, decided to keep the PAF Pro in the neck. I'm not 100% sure about my middle single coil and I've decided on the evolution 2 for the bridge.