hi everybody

i play rythme guitar in a doom death metal band
w play tracks for bands like my dying bride . swallow the sun . uaral
i have ibanez rga42 w digitech rp255
i need to change the digitech
i asking about pedal i need a rythme sound deep and heavy like BLACK SABBATH
i tried mxr full metal board . metal muff but it's so sharp
try not scooping the mids................ i have the mxr fullbore metal. treble, mids, lows all at 3 o'clock, gain cranked, and level all the way up. dont scoop the mids. it makes everything sound so thin when ur using a pedal. i used to scoop out my mids on most of my amps to get the heavy metal tone i was looking for. however, once i got a nice tube amp and a solid pedal, i realized that the mids are what really help you cut through the mix. give it a shot, it may help.
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