Anyone liking NWOBHM bands like Motörhead, TANK, Rogue Male should check this out imo. Compared to AC/DC for instance this is less mainstream and more NWOBHM although certainly rock'n'roll'ish. Not propably as bottom-heavy as Motörhead. But just straight forward rebellious NWOBHM with attitude. Following song was released in 1983:


What do you think?
i think i still have their 1srt album on vinyl somewhere. they are ok but not as good as many of the other NWOBHM bands like Angel Witch or Holocaust. Motorhead was around long before the NWOBHM started.
Cool. At least someone has heard them
Well I personally rank their debut quite high in my books. I like it damn much. Second is enjoyable but more mainstream.

I have heard some Holocaust and this far like Battleaxe more but in case of Angel Witch I'm not sure, cause A.W is a great band!
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any time you want to talk about NWOBHM bands give me a shout. that stuff came out when i was in my early 20s and i owned a ton of it.