After graduation I decided to start looking around for a good mid-range guitar that I could take off to college with me. I wanted something that would play nice but that wouldn't be too big a loss if stolen, so I checked eBay for some Ibanez guitars and that’s where I stumbled across this Ibanez RG2550EX from 2004 with Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and an Evolution in the neck. The price was a steal considering it included a hard case with it and I got free shipping.

Review: The guitar over all is a very solid piece of guitar. It has the prestige wizard neck which I think might be even thinner than my RG550's neck. The Evolution in the neck is very smooth and crisp; I have been running it through my Peavey JSX head which makes it warm and rounded in the clean department on the neck pickup, but in my friend's tiny Ibanez combo amp it was great for some spanky funk chord work on clean too. When you crank some distortion through it, the thing absolutely screams, harmonics pop out all over the board and artificial harmonics jump out of the strings, it is also very articulate. The Dimarzio/IBZ single coil is fantastic for a nice SRV sound with distortion and is actually not as thin as I had anticipated on the clean channel. The Super Distortion in the bridge is crunchy for chord work while retaining its definition as well as sounding very balanced and I suppose a good word here would be nice and rounded for notes in the higher registers. Overall it is a very satisfactory pickup combo so far. The Edge Pro bridge is fantastic, it was a breeze to set up and it’s a breeze to use, I would highly recommend the thing. All the fretwork is fantastic, no dead notes, fretting out, or lack of sustain anywhere on the neck. I also managed to get a pretty low action with NO fret buzz anywhere. The guitar has excellent sustain and is very loud acoustically as well. The only problem with this particular guitar is that the previous owner somehow scratched up the 24th fret in the high E string area. It still plays, but it is a bit of a bummer. Other than that the only flaw is that the pick guard screws are extremely rusty, but that’s fixable. Visually the vibrant blue finish, while darker than laser blue, is well, vibrant. The mirror dots in the fret board go great with the mirror pick guard and look a bit classier then the ghost shark fins on the newer RG2550s. The pink and green Dimarzios add lovely 80s flair to the guitar and though it is going to be a love hate thing I'm sure, I LOVE them!

TLDR: The guitar is badass!

Now for the pictures, unfortunately my camera kinda blows, so I’m going to provide the link for the dealer photos as well as including some of mine. If there is enough interest I can take more pictures of the thing, but it’s been pretty crappy weather in Florida lately so I can’t take many now.

Dealer Photos

Next to its grandpappy, the RG550