Okay so I took guitar lessons for 6 months but I'm done now. I learned some chords, drop D and basic riffs. I've learned two songs breaking the law (Judas Priest) and So Far away (avenged sevenfold). I'm looking for a third song now. A complete song with a solo. Now I need an easy solo. I like metal. Judas Priest, A7x, Protest the Hero, Metallica, Slayer, BMTH, GnR, among other things. None of the things on the sticky really look interesting to me.
i would say maybe papa roach last resort, but, you haven't learnt drop c yet from what i can see
what i think is that you probably need to get out of your comfort zone in music, listen to stuff you don't listen to already and try and work that out. because a lot of metal has incredibly compicated solos, even if they're not fast.
try red hot chilli peppers - under the bridge for example, or don't stop by rhcp