These are lyrics for my new bands first song "Goodbye". Any and all comments and criticism accepted

Verse:Stuck inside a dream, a nightmare would seem.. to be better
Im with you again, but I already said: Its over
I miss you again, itll be like this forever

Pre-Chorus:You.. You're worthless, you make me wish I was dead
You... You're heartless, and I'll say it again.

Chorus: Goodbye! I want to say. Goodbye! I need to say., Goodbye! I hate to say goodbye!

Verse: Stuck in my head, like I already said: It's over
This stupid lie I've been fed. Its all your fault, any regrets?

Pre-Chorus 1x
Bridge:I pictured our lives differently, u were nowhere in sight.
I'd trade all this misery for a different life
Pre-Choru:I didn't want it to be this way. You ****in' Forced me to say!
So Long!
I'll miss you
Piss Off!
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