I've been having a problem with my interface. When I just plug my headphones into my computer's sound card and listen to my recordings or whatever, everything works fine. But when I plug in my interface, after a few minutes, or less, depending on how many tracks/effects/data is on the project, I hear a pop, and for most of the tracks on the project, the meter reads that it's at the top. If I mute all of the tracks that have the meter maxed out, then the tracks that don't have the meter at the max will play. But if I unmute one of them, then I hear the pop again and none of the tracks will play.

Again, I don't have this problem when the interface isn't plugged in.

EDIT: My interface is a TASCAM US-144 MKII, and my DAW is Guitar Tracks Pro 4 by Cakewalk.
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