Pretty good indeed. Some pretty catchy riffs in this. I'd recommend a little more treble in the guitar tone as well though.
Sounds very good. I actually really like the guitar in this. It does sound very "muffled" as it was put by aaron. I think that if you plan on soloing over this with an electric guitar, it would be perfect for that kind of thing. Or even singing or something over the top. If you plan on just having it how it is, you should turn the treble up a bit, or do something to bring it out a bit more.

I would cut out that silence at the start - it kinda bothers me but it's not something that bad. The drums are also pretty quiet, try cranking their volume up a little, some compression might be good too. Pretty good guitar tone though

As for the song itself, it's kinda repetitive. :/ Great riffs still.

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Commented all your songs guys, thanks for the feedback.

The song will be played through my live rig in my sig with the full band, so vocals and bass will be included.
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