Formed out of the ashes of On the Shoulders of Giants, Hemispheres is a new 6 piece metal/hardcore band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. After months of writing and perfecting their line up, they are currently recording which will be completed Spring 2011.


The vocalist's clean singing is off-key pretty bad in the entire song that is up and his phrasing needs work. I can tell he seems very nervous or is trying to be overly emotional.

Rest is generic hardcore to my ears. Not trying to be nasty just honest. When you put so much emphasis on the vocalist he really needs to shine and this fellow just needs work. I believe that he could have good tone he just needs training. Perhaps this has already been addressed with the EP in which this would not matter.

Truly, goodluck with the music!

Check out mine will ya? Don't feel the need to pull any punches bud.