I like this, its simple, folky and quite relaxing. However, I do think it would sound better with out so much reverb on the vocals. And it may just be me, but the guitar riff that comes in every once in a while sounds a little off time. Other than that this is a pretty good song.
i agree with removing some of the reverb. vocals sound far away. I also recommend that you record using a click track, and then remove it when mixing. It will help to keep in time.

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sounds good
very chilled
almost reminds me of dylan a bit
try and tidy up your fingerpicking a bit though
some nice chords used at points
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Sounds good! The only thing I would fix is the amount of reverb you have going on the vocals. I think it's just a bit too much but other than that, I liked it! Keep up the good work!
well i for one didnt mind the reverb. the singing is good and judging by the comments i was expecting to hear you singing 3 houses down but it wasnt really extreme at all. maybe lighten a little but you could just as easily keep it. my thought was you might want to make them a little louder and then at that point their increased prominence may call for less reverb but youll know when you get there. guitar tone is real nice
hey, thanks for the feedback! I like the mood of your songs. Its very relaxing, my one crit would be the vocals. I know its hypocritical of me but they're hard to make out and they could be a bit more powerfull. Nice effort though
Vocals had way too much reverb. I'd do it without any personally. Guitar sounds good, work on playing cleaner though. Reminds me of James Taylor in a way.
By the end of the song I was wondering if it was on loop or something, you might want to throw in some other parts to break it up a little.

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Thanks Guitar Hack for the feedback! My friend and I listened to the track that you wanted us to critique and we thought it was a good song. We thought you were a good singer, you just need to cut down on the reverb like everyone said so we can hear that great singing voice Definitely enjoyed listening to your song and felt that it was a great song to play during open mic's and it reflected your influences very well