What I want to do is mod my strat a little. Right now its set up with an HSS wiring with the volume pot doubling as a coil split. I am going to be putting in a neck humbucker and I would like the volume pot to split both pickups.

Not only that but I would like to do a mod with a switch so that when the switch is on it activates the neck pickup in positions 4 and 5 of the switch. Here is a link to that mod: http://www.jpbourgeois.org/guitar/microsbis.htm

(It is the last mod on that page)

I made a diagram of how I think this should be done but I'm not sure. Could someone check this and see if it's right.

yep, it's all good

just make sure the bottom row of lugs on the push pull are grounded. it's hard to tell if you did that in the diagram

and just for future reference, try to keep wiring questions in the wiring thread
Sorry about that but I had it in the wiring thread and wasn't getting help. So I made this