ive got a floyd rose ibanez and lately ive been having this problem where the strings constantly go out of tune even with everything locked on the neck. ive been trying to fix it today but it still wont stay in tune. just using the tremelo a little bit lowers the guitar by a significant amount. any ideas on what might be wrong?
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Have you tuned your strings with the machineheads on your guitar to the point where it stays in tune?
Sorry if it sounds patronising
yeah i put the guitar in tune before i screwed the nuts on. i dont know if they are not tight enough or what. the fact that i can lower or raise the tuning easily with the tremelo probably means that the strings are still really loose, probably by the headstock area but im not sure
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Is the bridge slanted at an angle? because you may need to adjust the springs in the backplate to get the bridge so that it is paralell to the direction of the strings
the bridge is parallel and i dont c a problem with the springs. also the nuts are locked pretty tight i have no idea what could be causing the problem.
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Hmmm, it does sound pretty strange,
Have you adjusted the height of the bridge recently?
Improperly stretched strings prior to lock-down, or worn knife edges are the most likely causes.
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Hmmm, it does sound pretty strange,
Have you adjusted the height of the bridge recently?

no the most recent change was installing EMGs and that was a few months ago. my friend who installed them worked on the tuning problem and its been pretty good for the most part. recently though its gotten way worse and i need to fix it otherwise the guitar is almost unplayable
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It sounds like a problem with the machineheads or locking nut, probably the strings are slipping which is a sign of old hardware. However, if your guitar is relatively new than that shouldn't be a problem.

It could also be the tuners on the bridge, sometimes the metal flaps which keep them in place wear out and cause the strings to go out of tune. To test try tuning your guitar with the bridge tuners as low as possible and see if the guitar retains its tuning better.