Hi everybody, first post, anyways i just bought a used crate fxt120. I plugged it in and played for about 20 minutes. Everything sounded great. I go to play the next day and notice a muffled/static sound coming from the low setting on the clean channel. I don't hink much of it and just switch to the overdrive channel. Now everything on all channels has this muffled sound. I made sure all the wires I could get to without going into the amp were well connected, and they are. It's not the guitar, I tried with two and the same outcome. Anybody have any idea what this could be. Thanks.
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Stumped. I've had issues with two Crate Amps. An FW120 212, and an FW120 head. I couldn't figure out the problem either and ended up taking my amps in to the dealer to be fixed. The first time it cost me $12.00, the second it cost $18.00. Pretty reasonable I think.

I'd just take it in and have it looked at.
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I also noticed that the volume is very weak. 120 watts should shake the walls, but i can turn it all the way up and it sounds like it should be at 1/4 volume. I think I'll take it to the shop after the holiday if I can't pinpoint the problem.
You might try to put a jumper cable in the effects loop not sure if that amp has one but i have a old crate amp that i had to do that with