This is one of my old bands songs but now that I have a new band I'm trying to work out which direction I should take it in so I would particularly appreciate feedback on the style and for want of a better word 'feel' of the song (though general feedback more than welcome!)

So tell me what you think


and as always C4C!

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Guitar playing could be tighter at times, but I like most of the songwriting/riffs. Singing is good, has a 60's feel, with all of that reverb. Overall audio quality is good. Pretty trippy! Please review my music at this link:


lol cheers, I was already on there posting a comment and when i was finished i found you had already reviewed my music!
Not bad. Song structure is nice, the riff around 0:30 sounds kind of weird to me though. The song seems to go out of time at a few points. Mixing wise the vocals should go up in the mix, because right now they're kinda buried behind everything else. Otherwise, cool song.

I don't have anything for C4C at the moment but I figured I'd say something anyway
like it very much. I really love that wierd guitar thing at 0:41. Its a really nice effect. A lot of the main riff feels a bit too repetative for me. Also the singing should come out a little bit more (not too much though, or it will ruin the effect) and some guitar parts are a bit sloppy and could be tightend up..

Also, I really liked the guitar solo, although there are parts where a bit more vibrato could be added..

too much vocal reverb, the vocals are really pitchy. The timing isn't good on the whole track. You should always play to a click track, it makes thinks much easier. I'm also not a fan of the melody, but the more you do this, the better you will get.

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