For this summer, id like to buy a tube amp. I have a ESP LTD H-300 that i play thru, and play pretty much anything, but alot of heavier stuff such as metal. I was wondering, whats a decent tube amp or possibly even cabnet and head youd suggest for near 300 USD. Thanks guys.
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Not much is gonna be at you're disposal as far as stacking goes (head and cab) you might get lucky and stumble upon a cool tube combo on craigslist or something though.
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VHT special 6/ultra. inexpensive but absolute bare bones. i have the ultra combo and sounds great. great thing about it is that regardless of whether u get the head or combo u can hook it up to watever cabinet u want. it also accepts pedals extremely well. however, in order to get that metal tone (i play mostly metalcore type stuff) you will need a pedal. i use an mxr fullbore metal and it is exaclty the tone i have been searching for since i started playing guitar. in the end its gonna total up to a bit over $400 but is worth every penny
300 bucks?

No way in hell you'll find anything outside of a valveking. Great little amps though, with some minor tweaks they'll do modern metal just fine.

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jet city also makes a damn good, inexpensive tube amp. but, as mentioned above, ur options r pretty limited for this price range. i think jet city and vht r going to be ur best options. but it may do u good to make due for a little longer and save up until u find someting that you really like